Its either you have or know one, that particular uncle, aunt, brother, sister, friend etc that seems so perfect to you but then you realize they are not so perfect. He/She is always well behaved outside their home, they are religious, and they impose decisions and try to control how you behave.


I have this uncle who we named “Baba Policy”, whenever he comes around, everything changes. You have to pray five times daily, you cant watch TV after 9:00pm yada yada blah blah!

What is my point, I hear you ask? Wouldn’t you expect that this man’s children will be so well behaved, the perfect children you would wish for? But no, in this case the reverse is the case. The children are far from good.

I’m not trying to judge or anything but trust me the things these children do and say are things I never thought of doing while I was their age.

So my POINT is, parents don’t really have to be harsh raising their children. As a parent how would you feel if you pick up your daughter’s phone and her status says “I hate my dad..he doesn’t let me do anything” (bbm angry face). That’s gonna hurt real bad no matter what, they might be kids but they still mean it one way or the otherImage

So do you have someone in you life that fits this profile?