I’m new to this so i’m gonna keep it brief.Before I proceed I think its better I do a lil introduction.

Hi, My name is Oyinlola,  a Microbiology graduate of Unilorin . I graduated from school two years ago, finished my compulsory one year service (NYSC) , that ended earlier this year and here I am right now at my first official job, in a media/advertising company. How come right? Yeah…

If someone had told me earlier, even two months ago that i’ll be doing this, I’d probably tell him/her to stop dreaming cuz seriously, i dint see this coming at all. I really loved my course, still do….kinda *rme. Anyways my plan was that after school i’ll try and get a job with a food or at least pharmaceutical company and start my career as a Microbiologist.

But like the saying, Man proposes, God disposes. I was posted to the Northern part of the country for my service, which i thought was cool, at first. I got my posting letter after camp and saw NBC i was so happy, called my sister and my dad to give them the good news and immediately headed to the company. Getting there, i saw ten other people and felt like o_O this cant be good. Getting inside, we were asked to sit and of course were given refreshment :D. While waiting to be addressed, four other corpers came in. We all waited for about 5 mins before the manager finally came to address us. He welcomed us and started “sweet-talking” their company …blah blah (i really wasn’t listening) until he said so that’s why we cant take you people ( then i came back to life) ….sorry? what????

He repeated: “we already have 13 corpers working for us so we really cant take more, i’m really sorry”

 WOW! I had a headache immediately, I slowly put down the Fanta I was drinking….and was so confused “TF am i going to do now??? I soliloquized

I went to my LG to submit the rejection letter i got and was told there I had to get another PPA (place of primary assignment) within 3 days. “How??? I dont know anybody, i’ve never even been here until now” I told the woman. She replied “well, you’re welcome”. I called my dad back and cried to him on the phone, he dint help, screamed at me to put myself together and find a way. It was then i remembered i have cousins living there, i called them and went to spend the night over there.

And then the journey started, i finally got a PPA on the third day, a “very dead” hospital about to be “resuscitated”. well, i really dint have a choice so I jumped at the offer and submitted my acceptance letter. I resumed work and by work i mean nothing, nobody ever came for treatment, we only had four in-patients that we took care of everyday. I had an apartment within the hospital premises where i lived and there was peace……not for long.

Election Time: As a corp member, I went for election duties and that was when my trouble started. The first election was very peaceful ,then came the second one (presidential). Lets just say i was lucky to survive that day. The preferred candidate won at the ward I was put in but because of the news that  the opponent was leading in other states, trouble started, burning of tires, riots everywhere. I was scared to death. All the doctors and nurses couldn’t come to work because of the 24-hour curfew, so i was stuck in the hospital with 4 grown up guys, and did i mention they were mentally ill? Yes. they were four “crackheads” rusticated from school and the hospital was apparently also a rehabilitation.

I’ll be back……..

Please let me know if i should continue or you’re bored already 😦