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Our Little Secret 2

…..Fiyin wobbled on her feet and quickly grabbed onto me for support. I could see the fear in her eyes as she was trying to tell me what has happened but I couldn’t hear her due to the background noise. All I could make out was Shina Rambo, so I whispered in Olumide’s ears that she is tired and they should probably call it a night. He nodded and they paved their way through the crowd to leave. They went back to their hotel room alone….

Back in my own room I was so scared for her and a thousand thoughts ran through my head still trying to figure out what might have happened and why she was screaming Shina Rambo. I couldn’t even call her as her phone had been with me since the previous day.

The following morning, Olumide called me to bring Fiyin’s phone to the airport as they were heading to Ghana for their honeymoon. I met with them at the airport but they were not alone, they were with another couple who Olumide later introduced to me as his cousin Adeshina (Shina Rambo), and his wife Toni. It was then I figured out what Fiyin was trying to tell me. I moved over to where she was standing looking grumpy and sad and she told me Shina Rambo and his wife are coming to Ghana with them as the honeymoon trip is his (Shina Rambo’s) wedding gift to them. I hugged her and told her not to be bothered and she should try and enjoy her honeymoon regardless.

Two weeks later, they all returned from Ghana and in Fiyin’s words, this was what happened:

“The first few days were perfect, Olumide and I spent most of our time alone in the room and sometimes poolside then one afternoon Toni (Shina Rambo’s wife) came over to talk to me that she’s bored and both of us should go shopping so I followed her. While we were at the mall, we saw a baby store and she got emotional. She told me she’s been married to Shina Rambo for 4years and she has never been pregnant….it was just too emotional and we had to leave. I felt terrible to say the least knowing in my mind that he’s the father of my child.

In the evening, Toni came back to ask if Olumide would follow her to the spa, she had booked a couple’s spa and Shina said he wasn’t interested. I forced Olumide to go with her so she wouldn’t feel bad. I was glad to have an evening to myself. I took a shower, got into a pair of shorts and tank top and got into bed waiting for Olumide to come back. I jumped up when I heard a knock thinking it was Olumide only to see Shina at the door.


I asked what he wanted and he said he only came to talk so I invited him in. He started by asking if I told Olumide anything, I answered no and asked if he told Toni and he said no too. Then there was this awkward silence and…..

(cuts in… “OH MY GOD! Please tell me its not what I think it is, Fiyin please tell me you did not sleep with your husband’s cousin while on your honeymoon”)

I dunno Tiwa, I couldn’t help it. He was looking even cuter and damn that stupid cologne he was wearing.

Me: *Sighs* Fiyin, are you in love with him? I mean do you want to be with him instead, does he know about little Mide?Are you even going to talk to your husband about this? Do you think you got into this marriage too soon?

Fiyin: I really don’t have those answers yet my dear

Me: You better think about it, FAST

Fiyin continued seeing Shina secretly despite my warnings


Fiyin ran into my house all excited this fateful afternoon, I was scared I almost dropped the plate of fruits I was holding.

Fiyin: Tiwa, Tiwa ….guess what? I’ve told Shina about Mide, You won’t believe what he said

Me: (with apple in mouth) What did he say?

Fiyin: Ah! He was very happy, he was just jumping all around. He said the issue of not having kids was starting to get to him and he’s starting to think he’s the one with the problem. He was a little mad at me for not telling him from the start  but we sorted that out too. And guess what else he said?

Me: What?

Fiyin: He said he loves me

Me: Oh!

Fiyin: What? You don’t believe him?

Me: Not that but wait, Is he gonna leave his wife, and what about Olumide, your husband, remember him?

Fiyin: Ermm…I dunno but I really like him and him saying he loves me just melted my heart. I haven’t really thought of what will happen next but if he asks me to marry him, I think I will. I’ll have a complete family you know.

Me: No, Fiyin answer my question, did he promise you marriage?

Fiyin: Not really, he insisted that him and Fiyin would get a DNA test and if its a match, he’ll show that to his wife, from there we’ll know the next step.

Me: Are you sure you want him to do that? Remember you were not even sure if he was just him you slept with

Fiyin: He was the only one, he said I only spent about an hour in his house that I left claiming I needed to come and meet you in Chukie’s house

Me: Wait, you went to Chukie’s house that day, when?

Fiyin: Yeah, In the morning to collect the key but you’ve already left there so I came home

Me: Oh ok (scoffs and stands up)

Fiyin:  So what do you think?

Me:  What do I think? Honestly,I think you’re a fool but well, its your life, do whatever you want.

Fiyin: Whatever, will you follow me to the hospital

Me: I’ve heard

Fiyin: Yay!!! I’m so excited

Few days later, Fiyin and I went to get the result of the DNA test and it wasn’t a match….Shina isn’t the biological father

#QuestionOfTheDay: Who is Mide’s father????


The Superhero Apparel

Growing up we never loved superheroes, but with Christian Bale playing Batman, Chris Hemsworth playing Thor and Robert Downey .Jnr being Iron Man, what girl would resist loving a superhero?

So we were browsing online and came across this creative fashion blend for girls to display their love for their favorite superhero character.

We are excited to see what other looks we can find, so there you have it. We do have a feeling that judging from how much bashing Loki got from the hulk, no one would like his outfit  🙂 ..xo… By the way, our favorite looks will be that of  Thor and Iron man…I’m sure you all know why x_x

Hahahahaha! Just occurred to us that we have/had super heroes in Naija as well, people like Fela, Dim Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu “THE IKEMBA” – GBURU GBURU ONE , Isaac Adaka-Boro, King Jaja of Opobo, Usman Dan Fodio, Queen Amina of Zaria and many more. Please add your comments with names of Nigerians who you believe are or were superheroes.


Your perfect uncle…the horrible Dad

Its either you have or know one, that particular uncle, aunt, brother, sister, friend etc that seems so perfect to you but then you realize they are not so perfect. He/She is always well behaved outside their home, they are religious, and they impose decisions and try to control how you behave.


I have this uncle who we named “Baba Policy”, whenever he comes around, everything changes. You have to pray five times daily, you cant watch TV after 9:00pm yada yada blah blah!

What is my point, I hear you ask? Wouldn’t you expect that this man’s children will be so well behaved, the perfect children you would wish for? But no, in this case the reverse is the case. The children are far from good.

I’m not trying to judge or anything but trust me the things these children do and say are things I never thought of doing while I was their age.

So my POINT is, parents don’t really have to be harsh raising their children. As a parent how would you feel if you pick up your daughter’s phone and her status says “I hate my dad..he doesn’t let me do anything” (bbm angry face). That’s gonna hurt real bad no matter what, they might be kids but they still mean it one way or the otherImage

So do you have someone in you life that fits this profile?