Hi guys, It’s been a while I know. Anyways I’m back…I think *rme. I hope I haven’t lost my mojo. This story you’re about to read is ALMOST true, the characters and names are real though! Here we go….


“This is just hopeless” I muttered to myselfI  had been on the same spot for about 2 hours, under the scorching sun and was really starting to believe the meaning of NYSC to be “Now Your Suffering Continues” I thought I was done with the whole NYSC stress when I redeployed but it turned out I was just getting started. I dipped my hand in my backpack to pick the cold Ribena I had bought earlier but unfortunately, It wasn’t that cold anymore. l still took it anyway, I was still downing my not-so-cold Ribena when someone jerked me from behind and made me pour the Ribena on my white NYSC T-shirt. l turned back furiously to face the person but I could hardly see the person’s face as l was blinded by the sun and he was way too tall for comfort all I could hear was his ridiculously tiny voice that kept saying “I’m so sorry”. He handed me his handkerchief which I pushed away and kept yelling until I was satisfied, he only stood there and watched as I created a scene.

l faced my front back when I noticed all eyes on me and all of a sudden it wasn’t that sunny anymore. I turned back and realized my new “friend” had an umbrella and he was kind enough to put it over my head. What I wanted to say was “Bribing Me with your Umbrella won’t work but good thinking” but something about his face rendered me speechless and the next thing I know I was shaking his hands and introducing myself.

Him: Hi Sophia, I’m George

Me: Nice to meet you George 🙂

 In my head I thought: “Oh! Emm! Gee! Why did I yell at him? He’s so damn….

I heard pounding footsteps from behind, looked back to realize another queue had been created and people were rushing to the second queue.  I gathered my stuffs quickly and ran there. On getting there, the queue was almost twice the length of the first one. On seeing that,  I lost hope of completing my registration that day and was leaving when I heard my name. I turned to find my new friend George at the fifth position on the queue,  he signaled at me to come over, and he allowed me shunt in front of him.

25 minutes later, we were both done with our registration,  I thanked him again and he replied saying it was the least he could have done for ruining my shirt. In my mind I thought, Oh please, the shirt was ruined before anyway. We chatted as we walked to the park and I was praying in my mind that he asks for my number or BlackBerry pin at least, he got a bus and had to leave immediately. Damn!!!

I should have asked for his I thought but oh well….

8months, 2 PPAs and 2 weeks of joblessness later,  I was busy playing game on my phone when the call came in, I was so angry at the timing of the call as I was just about to beat my high score.  I picked angrily and screamed hello.

Caller: Lord! Sophia, are you always angry?

Me: Excuse you? Who’s this?

Caller: It’s me?

Me: Your name is “Me”? Interesting

Caller: Haha, stop it Sophia, its George.

(*Thinking* In all my life, I’ve only met one George so this better be who I think it is)

Caller: Hello, are you there?

Me; Yes, which George?

Caller: George Okpara, we met at NYSC state secretariat sometimes ago

 ……………Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Me: Oh My God! George, Ribena George…